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Alpacas ~ an overview

Alpaca: Llama pacos
The alpaca is part of the camelidae family and is closely related to the well-known llama.

Alpacas vs Llamas
The Alpaca was domesticated and carefully bred for over 5000 years as a luxury fiber producing animal.

Llama & Alpaca Behavior
Thinking of becoming the proud owner of a llama or an alpaca?

Alpaca Farm Basics
The alpaca possesses qualities that make it an ideal animal for a small to medium acreage farm. (Gateway Farm Alpacas, Oregon)



Alpacas of Hum Sweet Hum/Creswell, OR
A working dedicated to friendly alpacas with extraordinary fleece. Fiber and its many uses is the focus of their breeding program for both hucaya and suri alpacas.

Canzelle Alpacas/Carpinteria, CA
This ranch is small enough so that each animal is hand-fed and personally cared for, and large enough to offer a selection of colors and prices. Canzelle Alpacas and their offspring boast many championship ribbons.

Eclipse Alpacas /Oxford, MI
A high quality family farm with generations of elite genetics.

Alpacas of Ireland
They're everywhere!

Alpacas at Hum Sweet Hum

Canzelle Alpacas

Eclipse Alpacas of Michigan


Alpaca Cams

Stargazer Ranch/CO

Lone Juniper Ranch/CA


National Associations:

Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) national US association
Search for ranches in your area to visit.

Alpaca Registry (ARI)
National registry of alpacas; members can trace the lineage/offspring of animals

AlpacaNation ~ over 14,000 Alpacas and 1500 farms

Western Regional Associations:

Alpaca Association of Western Oregon (AAWO) ~ Western Oregon association of alpaca farms

Pacific Northwest Alpaca Association (PNAA)

State of Jefferson Alpaca Association ~ ranches in northwest California/ southwest Oregon

California Alpacas (Calpaca) ~ includes northern and southern California farms

Farm/Fiber groups :

Willamette Women's Farm Network ~ a unique collaboration of women in agriculture, raising crops and/or livestock in Lane, Linn and Benton counties of Oregon.

Local Harvest ~ national organization promoting farmers and their crops

Oregon Wool ~ an association of small Oregon family farms and fiber artists, offering the many products their fiber animals provide.

Aragon Alapcas is a proud member of AAWO, WWFN. and LocalHarvest


Alpaca Registry


Local Harvest farms

Oregon Wool Growers


Alpaca Fleece

Fiber Mill at Ranch of the Oaks ~ high quality roving and yarn, in Lompoc, CA

Morro Fleece Works ~ fiber mill on CA's central coast

Simpler Time ~ fiber mill, near San Diego

Undertanding Micron Reports ~Yocom-McColl Wool Testing Labs

Village Spinning & Weaving ~ much more than a yarn store, in Solvang, CA

Interweave ~ for spinners, knitters, crocheters, and other fiber crafters

Fiber Mill, Ranch of the Oaks

Morro Fleece Works

Yocom McColll

Village Spinning & Weaving


Alpaca Products

Alpaca Blanket Project

Alpaca Blanket Project

Camelid Health

Oregon State University Camelid Program

Ohio State University Camelid Program

Cornell University Veterinary Medicine ~ emerging health issues

Canadian Llama & Alpaca Association ~ timely articles on Camelid health issues

Camelid Identification Working Group ~ developing a viable plan for permanent ID

Morris Animal Foundation ~ various health studies

Alpaca Health Information/diseases
Alpaca & Llama Health Information ~ Dr Purdy, New England Camelid Services

Alpaca Husbandry Hints ~ Fantasy Farms Alpacas
Archives: Alpaca Husbandry Tips

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) ~ indicator of health status

the Weaning Process ~ Gentle Spirit: whose baby is it anyway?

Alpaca Chute ~ for ease of handling on vet days
    or build-your-own Chute Plans

Oregon State Univ

Ohio State Univ

Cornell Universite Veterinary School

Canadian Llama & Alpaca Association

Morris Animal Foundation


Training (for alpaca whisperers!)

Behavior & Training with a Gentle Spirit
'Understanding behavior is the key to herd management.'
~ Cathy Spalding

~ Marty McGee

T-Team & T-Touch Training
~ Linda Tellington-Jones, creator of equine behavior and training methods

Gentle Spirit Llamas & Alpacas

Business Aspects

Alpacas: the World's Finest Livestock Investment
Aside from being quite adorable, with highly sought after fiber, alpaca can provide diversified income streams and tax advantages. (~Indian Chimney Farm)

Getting Started in the Alpaca Business ~ HaSu Alpacas

Agisting (boarding) Your Herd ~ Soft Hearts Farm

Ranch Set-up ~ Alpaca de la Pacifica

Tax Planning & Benefits ~ Alpaca Digest

Alpacas Investing ~ hands-on, beyond Wall Street (NW Alpacas)

Alpaca Business Resources ~ Alpaca Marketing

Wilkins Alpaca & Llama Insurance Coverage

AlpacaEase ~ Herd Management System for Mac & PCs

Alpaca Investing article

Wilkins Livestock Insurance



Shows & Events

March: International Alpaca Odyssey

May: CABA Classic

May: AOBA Nationals

June: Alpaca Festival of Oregon

October: AlpacaMania

National Calendar of Events

International Alpaca Odyssey

Fiber to Fashion

AlpacaFest West


Publications & Catalogs

Alpaca Magazine ~ 'Vogue' for the alpaca industry; quarterly from AOBA

American Livestock Magazine ~ specializing in exotic livestock

Quality Llama Products

Useful Llama & Alpaca Items

Quality Llamas Products

Usefuk Llama & Alpaca Items

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