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Georgia Sweet Brown
dark fawn Suri female, proven


blue ribbon
1st Place BSG Fleece Show 2017
1st Place AAWO Spin-Off 2017

DOB: August 8, 2015
ARI: #32487855
Sire: Q'Inti's Peruvian Kokopelli, BG
Dam: HSH Tinkerbell, MB
Price: SOLD

Georgia really enjoys greeting visitors! Her award-winning fleece, silky and lustrous, is a treat for hand-spinners. For Georgia's first cria, we selected national multi-color champion Greystone's Kaleidescope. She is an easy breeder and birther, and an easy-going mom.

We were so pleased with Chaco (May 2019) that we repeated the breeding. Mochaccino (June 2021) is a spunky male displaying the fine pencil locks and appaloosa coloring of his sire, Greystone's Kaleidescope. Mochaccino color-checked as medium rose gray and won two blue ribbons at the regional alpaca show in McMinnville, OR.



HSH Tinkerbell
dark brown suri female, proven

Tink and Kokopelli proved to be such a good match that we repeated the breeding for a third time. Their daughter, Kokopelli's Mana, is not included in the price.

Kokopelli's Mana
Kokopelli's Mana, June 2020

offspring color  sire
Georgia (f) DF Kokopelli, BG
Calypso (m) WH Kokopelli, BG
Mana (f) DB Kokopelli, BG
DOB: December 9, 2010
ARI: #32270464
Sire: Legend's Dark Knight, BB
Dam: YBNF Sweet Bell, DRG
Status: Open (breeding available)
Price: $3500

Tinkerbell is a great production dam agisting at our farm. She generally breeds in one take, births while we're not looking, and enjoys motherhood. Her crias are curious, independent and good-natured.



Chanel of Sunny Day Alpacas
medium silver gray Huacaya female, proven


Chanel is a tall, graceful girl and an excellent mom. Shy yet friendly if you have carrots or apples. Her first cria, Stryder, was so stunning that we repeated the pairing with Bubinga. Their second son, Tripoli, arrived on August 20, 2018. Chanel's new owners chose to breed her to Sorrento for her 3rd cria.

Spin-off judge's comments: "Chanel's fleece exhibits nice crimp and sheen; good absence of guard hair; ease of drafting and spinning."

DOB: August 22, 2012
ARI: #32323924
Sire: Xanadu After Hours, TB
Dam: PV Rockford's Karuna, MSG
Service Sire: Sorrento d'Aragon
Price: SOLD

Chanel welcoming newborn Tripoli.

offspring color  sire
Stryder (m) LSG Bubinga, MSG
Tripoli (m) MSG Bubinga, MSG
blue ribbon
2nd Place AAWO Spin-Off 2015
1st Place AAWO Spin-Off, 2017
1st Place BSG Fleece Show, 2017

Catalina d'Aragon

Vivaldi's Gitana d'Aragon
dark rose gray Huacaya female, proven

Mafutu's Solstice Summer

offspring color  sire
BrightStar (f) DRG Casanova's Tesoro, LF
Django (m) TB Crescent Moon's Petras, MSG
DOB: August 6, 2008
ARI: #31845588
Sire: Spirit Song's Vivaldi, MSG
Dam: Mafutu's Solstice Summer, MB
Status: Open (breeding available)
Price: $1000


Gitana ("gypsy") dances through the pastures on her white-tipped toes. Her fleece is so fine it is almost slippery, and it is dark rose gray beneath the reddish tips. She carries strong gray genetics from both sides of her family tree. She is an attentive mom with plenty of milk.


Non-breeding Females for Sale

Ladyhawke's Feather d'Aragon
appaloosa Huacaya female, unproven
Ladyhawke's Feather
DOB: September 18, 2012
ARI: #32641844
Sire: Canzelle's Orion, DF
Dam: Rockford's Ladyhawke, MRG
Status: Fiber production
Price: SOLD

Feather's unusual markings qualify her fleece as a 'multi' or appaloosa. It is soft and dense, a pleasure to spin. She is inquisitive and carrot-friendly.

blue ribbon
1st Place AAWO Spin-Off 2015
1st Place AAWO Spin-Off 2016
2nd Place BSG Fleece Show 2017


Tesoro's Trinket d'Aragon
light rose gray Huacaya female, unproven

Trinketblue ribbon
1st Place AAWO Spin-Off 2016
2nd Place AAWO Spin-Off 2017

DOB: June 17, 2011
ARI: #32270532
Sire: Casanova's Tesoro, BG
Dam: Rockford's Ladyhawke, MRG
Status: Fiber production
Price: $1000

remarkably soft fleece exhibits brightness and a good handle with medium crimp. It was reserved by a savvy spinner before shearing last year. A blue ribbon winner in the AAWO spin-off, the judge commented on the lack of guard hair and uniformity of length and micron. She recommended that we breed her, to reproduce her valuable fleece characteristics. However, Trinket refuses to sit for a male, exhibiting complete rejection and disinterest. Therefore, we choose to not add this heritable trait to the genetic pool by manipulating the issue.


Dinghaan's Cadence d'Aragon
dark brown Huacaya female, unproven
DOB: July 21, 2009
ARI: #31554343
Sire: Canzelle's Dinghaan, MSG
Dam: Sparrow's Autumn Sun, MF
Price: $250

Cadence's maroon fleece with white markings suggested her name for the team colors of Texas A&M and their marching band. She is a statuesque girl, quiet and pleasant in demeanor. Often her medium-bodied fleece is blended with another alpaca's to maximize the rich color.



Juliaca d'Aragon
medim fawn Huacaya female, unproven


DOB: September 14, 2009
ARI: #31554411
Sire: Penumbra, TB
Dam: LVAR Nutmeg, MB
Price: $250

Named for a city in Peru, Juliaca is a slender female who loves to play in the water. Otherwise, she is a bit shy and standoffish. Her lovely fawn fleece is of medium quality and density. Juliaca searches out blackberry leaves for munching.


RH Sonnet of Shakespeare
medium brown Huacaya female, retired

Shakespeare's Sonnet

Sonnet carries her sire's stunning head and soft, dense fleece. She is good-natured and patient, a pleasure to work with, and has produced cria in many colors.

offspring color  sire
Black Sable (f) TB ALCR El Negro Modelo,TB
Sulaymon (m) WH VF Prince Charming, LF
Carrera (f) MB Bentley of Rolling Hills, DB
Ramiro (m) DF Sienna Illusion, DB
Silhouette (f) MB Troubadour, LF
DOB: Aug 1, 2004
ARI: #3049375
Sire: Patagonia's Shakespeare, TB
Dam: El R Sunita, WH
Status: retired/companion animal
Price: $250

Shakespeare's Sonnet

Catalina d'Aragon

Mafutu's Solstice Summer
medium brown Huacaya female, proven


Mafutu's Solstice Summer
Summer in the winter.

blue ribbon
1st Place, Halter - MBA 2005
1st Place, Shorn - MIAF 2005

DOB: June 20, 2004
ARI: #1365238
Sire: Mafutu, DSG, Danko son
Dam: Violeta's Sarafina, MB Peruvian
Status: retired/companion animal
Price: $250

Mafutu's Solstice SummerSummer is a healthy, big-boned female with dense fleece and a well-mannered, gentle disposition. She is the recognized herd leader, attentive to all that is going on around her.


offspring color  sire
San Lorenzo (m) LF Centaur, LF
Gitana (f) DRG Spirit Song's Vivaldi, MSG
Rigel (m) MF Canzelle's Orion, DF
Raisa (f) DRG Canzelle's Kalahari, MSG


AEA's Black Lace
true black Huacaya female, retired
Black Lace
DOB: Oct 3, 2004
ARI: #1332407
Sire: FO Juan Carlos, LF
Dam: SLL Stardust's Johanna, TB
Status: retired/companion animal
Price: NFS

Black Lace is as feminine as her name implies, and with Royal Fawn as her grandsire, her fleece exhibits the fineness we were looking for in a black dam. Lacey is very curious and friendly and has retained her impish personality into adulthood.

blue ribbon
2nd Place, Shorn - MIAF 2005
2nd Place, Fleece Show - STAR 2006

offspring color  sire
Modoc (m) MF Mafutu, DSG
Troubadour (m) LF CN Rudulfo, WH
Mariquita (f) DF Canzelle's Orion, DF


Sparrow's Autumn Sun
medium fawn Huacaya female, retired


DOB: August 1, 2003
ARI: #850018
Sire: Cherry Garcia, TB
Dam: PPPeruvian Sparrow, WH
Status: retired/companion animal
Price: NFS

is a gentle, easy-going alpaca, content to be part of the family herd. Her dam was an import so little is known about her genetics.

offspring color  sire
Sorrento (m) MF Augusto's Cochiti, WH
Cadence (f) DB Canzelle's Dinghaan, MSG
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